SEO + Traffic Strategies Mini-Course

This a mini-class for e-commerce shops, is 35 minutes long, and it covers:

  • How to be SEO Relevant + why that’s important
  • SEO Keywords and which kind you need to focus on
  • FREE tools that you can use to find amazing keywords
  • Which content gets the best results for SEO
  • How to optimize your site for now and future SEO

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Shipping Strategies for Shopsites Mini-Course

Shipping your products is one of the MOST confusing parts of selling online. And not just for the seller – but for the buyer too. Shipping issues are the number one reason customers abandon carts! If you don’t have a shipping strategy in place, you are leaving money on the table, dear friends.

We are taking the overwhelm away by walking you through it – class covers:

  • Shipping strategies
  • Shipping Plugins
  • Current shipping trends and expectations
  • How to boost sales and up average order amount

By simply changing your shipping options! Boom.

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Starting Your Custom Shop: a Step-by-Step Tutorial

We’ll walk you through each step you need to know to set up your shop. Includes easy set up tutorials on:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Squarespace

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