So you're thinking about taking the BIG LEAP from Etsy and opening your own shop.

BUT, you're unsure of how to transition your Etsy audience and drive NEW traffic to your own site. And once they get there, you want to convert MORE sales and finally get the brand credit you deserve.

- OR -

You've ALREADY started a shopsite, but you're overwhelmed with the back end site managment, the shipping choices, what pricing structure to choose, or how to market your shop effectively to get those sales rolling in.

Shopsite School is a simple-to-follow, step-by-step curriculum presented in 4 sections to help you get your shopsite LAUNCHED on Shopify and selling quickly, so that you don’t have to spend a ton of energy, money, time or guesswork. Shopsite School will guide you every step of the way to build your dream shop, a place to call your own, so that you can finally take your shop to #ProStatus. Shopsite School will help you create a powerful shop with layouts, text and photos that sell, will help you eith marketing strategies to drive traffic, and will guide you through pricing and fullfillment strategies. All so that you can transition off of Etsy (or sell in both places) to finally build your forever shop home that will grow with you and for you in the future.

How many times have you heard someone say "I got it on Etsy" - with no mention of the Shop name? How many other Etsy sellers are listed next to you and are competing with your product? Shopsite School gives you the tools to build YOUR shop and YOUR brand name so that people FINALLY know you, love you, and ONLY shop with you.


Are you a product or digital product shop owner who:

Perhaps you are unsure about the future of Etsy, and you are
SERIOUSLY worried about keeping all of your eggs in their basket.

Maybe you’re feeling limited in your sales, when there are more and more competing listings popping up every day. Possibly you’re like most of us, and feel like your own shop would do amazingly well, but you’re stuck on how to start. Shopsite School will give you tools to help you create or fine-tune your shop, simply and clearly with easy to follow videos and tutorials.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Would you like to:


What You'll Get:

This Shopsite School has FOUR included subjects:


Creating a Beautiful Site that SELLS
  1. Branding strategy
  2. Anatomy of effective layout
  3. How to tell your product story
  4. Seamless checkout experience
  5. Bonus templates + resources


Driving Traffic to your Shop
  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Growing a following on social media
  3. Growing a newsletter list
  4. Retargeting past clients
  5. Bonus templates + resources


Fullfillment and Customer Service
  1. Stocking vs. Drop-shipping
  2. Retail vs. Wholesale
  3. Unboxing experiences
  4. Customer happiness
  5. Bonus templates + resources


Growing a Sustainable Future
  1. Sales + Promotions
  2. Planning out your year
  3. Adding passive income products
  4. Brick and Mortar
  5. Bonus templates + resources

PLUS you'll receive exclusive discounted access to custom-created
Love-Inspired® Shopify themes once they are released!



"Sweet apple pie, y'all! I am gettin' schooled! Five years into business and I am picking up EVERYTHING Cathy is throwing down. Rich, relevant content. I feel like I have enrolled in a bona fide college level course."
- Mae Updegraff,

What You'll Learn

Class 1: Creating a Beautiful Site that Sells

In the first class, you will learn exactly how to create a beautiful site that sells effectively. You'll learn insider tips and strategies we use with our clients, to tell a great story, show off your product and overcome those objections to see the true value instead of the cost. You'll learn how to create a quick and pleasant checkout experience that will encourage adding items to the cart, and return customers.

Class 2: Driving Traffic to your Shop

In the second class, you will learn the step by step formula to drive traffic to your shop. You will learn how to effectively transition your sales from Etsy to your own site. You will learn about which SEO is crucial for Shopsites and the tools you can use to make it effective for your products. You'll learn how to get your social media followers and newsletter subscribers on to your site to purchase. You will learn how to re-target your past clients so that you are not always having to find new ones.

Class 3: Fulfillment and Customer Service

In the third class, you will learn exactly what fulfillment system will work best for you, whether it's ordering stock, drop-shipping, retail or wholesale. You'll learn the steps to creating a fun, and post-worthy unboxing experience. You'll learn the specific keys to to keeping your customers happy and turn them into raving fans.

Class 4: Growing a Sustainable Future

In the fourth class, you will learn how to grow your business for the future. We'll talk about how and when to launch sales and promotions, how to plan out your year for seasonal products. You will learn about passive income products and which ones are the best for you. If opening a Brick and Mortar store is your dream, we will cover how to get started.


Cathy Olson

Shopsite School is taught by Cathy Olson, owner of the web design studio Love Inspired Inc. She has over 16 years experience as a professional graphic and web designer, and has worked with a range of businesses – big ones like Disney, Costco, Best Buy and Walmart – to small ones like work-from-home moms, working from a desk and a laptop in the wee hours. Cathy started her own design business over 8 years ago, and in that time has helped launched hundreds of businesses and shops on custom-built platforms on WordPress and Shopify. She has taught several e-courses and has been a featured speaker at 15+ conferences across the country, and teaches both in-person and online. She’s experienced in business, marketing and strategy and LOVES continually learning and teaching others to work less and make more. This course is perfect for creative professionals who are looking to START or FINE-TUNE their online shopsites.

Take out that dreaded learning curve and get selling smoothly, effectively and beautifully. You'll get to learn your backend sales system to that it's easy to input new products and update your site - YOURSELF!

Frequently Asked Questions:

I already have a Shopsite. Is Shopsite School for me?

Yes, as long as you need help in at least one of the areas Shopsite School covers. You do not need to take all four of the classes. It can either serve as a review, to make sure you are fine-tuned in all areas, or you can pick and choose which class you need to set up your Shop for sales success.

Does Shopsite School only cover Shopify? What about Squarespace or Wordpress?

We will cover the back end of Shopify in depth. Although professionally, we create shops in all different platforms, we believe in the Shopify platform and think it's the best choice for a DIY solution. However, the majority of the content is general shopsite help, and can be used for any platform.

I’m so busy. Can I register, but start it later when I know things will have quieted down?

The curriculum covers 4 class sections and is very robust. Each week we will have lessons and worksheets, and you can do them in your spare time. You will also have access to the private Facebook group to bounce your ideas off of. We release one class per week, but you can absolutely take longer at each step if you need to. You will be able to download all the content and access the course site for at least six months after the program finishes.

What kind of teaching can I expect in the course? What’s included?

Shopsite School curriculum is content and resource rich. Enrolling in Shopsite School includes full access to the online classroom, video tutorials, Q&A and worksheets, as well as access to a private Facebook group where you can connect and share with your classmates and get feedback directly from Cathy. After 4 weeks, you will have the potential to start selling your products right away.

When does the class start?

Enrollment opens October 3, 2016. Class seats are limited. Class begins October 17, 2016. You’ll be able to download all content and access the course site for at least six months after the program finishes.

Does the course meet at a certain time? Does it matter what part of the world I’m in?

Shopsite School is a virtual course, you can participate from anywhere at anytime! Lessons will be posted online throughout the week, and you can log into the course at any time to view them. You can submit your questions in the Facebook group at any time.

How much time can I expect to spend on the course?

You’ll get new content throughout the week, M-F. We’ll start with a lesson, then a worksheet, some observation and testing, and then end the week with resources to explore on your own. You can expect to spend anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes reviewing the content and completing the exercises and work for the class, depending on the length of the lesson. Some people may work through the content more quickly, and others may want to spend more time. All the content will help you develop your personalized plan by the end of Shopsite School.

How are payments handled?

Payment is securely processed via PayPal and can be made using your PayPal balance or credit card. Please note that all course correspondence will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account. To use a different email address, please forward your PayPal invoice to


Email me at and we can chat to see if this is the right fit for you.


"THESE LESSONS ARE BOMB, Cathy Olson! I needed the kick in the booty! There are so many applications even beyond your shopsite that can be taken away from this class. SO GOOD. Hats off to you, I've learned so much!"
- Dannie Fountain,